About Us

It really started when we went to Korea, tasted some great craft beer, and then came back and realized we couldn’t find anything here we had tried. For a country like Singapore that appreciates good craft beer, Korean culture, and just well made products in general, it didn’t make any sense.  We couldn’t find anyone that could give an answer to “why isn’t something so good not available in Singapore”.

So instead of trying to get someone to answer that question, we just decided to do it ourselves.

We love tasting brews across the world. The independent craft history globally and in each country is still young and it’s an exciting time to explore that world with our taste buds and with some friends. 

We hope that with this, we can bring you closer to things that we think are good and interesting but just a bit further than a drive away, and we’ll work at helping your palette do the travelling.

Or I guess we just really like brews and it’s nice to find an excuse to have some good ones. Either way, we’re glad you’re here with us. We’re young now but hopefully in a few years this page will be cooler and filled with more history. Stick around and we’ll bring you many steps closer to the Korean craft scene and it’s latest.

Here’s to experiencing and sharing what Korea is brewing up for us and the world!

The Juju Brews Team