K-Care Package

11 Beer Sampler

Craft beers always make a great gift because unlike other alcohol products, people don’t casually assemble beer bundles at home so the recipient always knows you planned!

The beers in this package features a mix of breweries and styles that focuses on drinkability to remind you or your loved ones that better times are a-coming.

P.S. We’re always happy to write a note for you if you’re sending it as a gift!

1x Amazing Helles Lager
1x Budnamu Haslla IPA
1x Budnamu Minori Session
1x Budnamu Zeumeu Blanc
1x Goodman Apgujeong Orange Ale
1x Goodman Seoul Porter
1x Goodman IPA
1x KABREW Kumiho Relax Beer
1x Playground Madam Cherry Wheat
1x Playground Marzen Oktoberfest
1x Playground Scholar Belgian Blonde


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